Orlando and his team were super friendly, professional, and helpful, and they did their best to make us having a fantastic time.

The rooms are quite new, and the food was absolutely outstanding. The lodge is quiet and very peaceful, making it the perfect place to relax and disconnect. We did countless tours, either by walking or by boat. Orlando and his guide tried to show us as many plants, animals, and local specialties as possible.

We also really liked Orlando’s engagement for wildlife preservation and respect for the local flora and fauna.

Thank you for this real jungle experience! We can recommend this place to everyone who wants an authentic and adventurous jungle experience while respecting the surrounding nature.
— From November 11th, 2018
Had a truly magical and unforgettable time in the jungle with Orlando. Orlandos nature spotting skills were first class and we saw a lot in the time we were there including: a sloth,four types of monkey,frogs,a plethora of bird life and some impressive lizards and insects!! Orlando was an extremely good guide..he was friendly,caring and very flexible. He ensured that we got absolutely everything that we wanted to get out of our time in the jungle and I now consider him a friend. After camping in the jungle we then spent time in Orlandos lodge which was perfectly situated near the river and was a great place for wildlife spotting! Even here at the lodge we still felt immersed in the jungle and the facilities were very clean and comfortable . The food was also great! Orlando went above and beyond to make sure that we had an awesome time...we even got the chance to release a beautiful woolly monkey called jasmine into the wild! A strongly recommend Orlando as a guide and I strongly recommend staying in his lovely lodge. Thank you Orlando!

— Katy Barrett, February 14th, 2017
Best guides, nice lodges, and amazing food!
Orlando my guide and owner of Red Uakari transported me personally to the lodge. I had my own lodge building to myself and had a choice of amazing activities to choose from each day. We went on many hikes into the Amazon and Orlando is an amazing guide. He knows where to find everything from monkeys to the amazing pink and grey river dolphins!Orlando is an encyclopedia of knowledge about the ecosystem and animals of the Amazon. We also went fishing several times and cooked what we caught in the lodge kitchen, including catfish and river bass. Orlando is also a member of the nearest village and we had the unique experience of hanging out and playing volleyball and soccer with the local villagers. To top everything off they have an amazing chef who prepares three amazing meals a day for you. It really was an amazing experience and I recommend staying with Red Uakari if you are going to the Amazon.
— Dan Hertel, October 3rd, 2018
Not only was this this exciting and adventurous, but i genuinely felt at one with the Jungle and the People. Orlando, our guide, helped us to feel welcomed and comfortable within the depths of the jungle, giving us both freedom and welcomed guidance throughout the trip. For anyone wanting an authentic, exhilarating and beautiful experience, this is the place to go. We had so much freedom as two girls simoly wanting to explore! Please message me with any questions!
— Isabella Rix, England